Le Sisley, ZAC Landy-Pleyel, Saint-Denis

Covering 22 000 m2 in the planned development zone (ZAC) Landy Pleyel in Saint Denis (north of Paris), this office complex promotes user appropriation and individual comfort on the worksite. The levels are stratified in twos in a way that attenuates the anticipated succession of floors: variously coloured double-height cubes are slipped between the flooring nosings, like in a game of small adjacent shapes-plots. Every interstice between the cubes serves as an occasion to create a planted balcony or a loggia. The facades of the seven street side floors display an orderly pattern, while the five floors at the centre of the block are developed more freely. All have a 135cm grid design. The open plan floor, 12- to 18-m deep, comprises four compartments per level for optimal divisibility.

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